February 28, 2020

WA State Department of Ecology

Protect Our Environment Case Study

Protecting Our Environment

Every company has core processes, supporting processes, and management processes.  Core processes are focused on delivering value to customers.  Supporting processes ensure delivery of the core processes.  And finally, management processes are those processes that control the core and supporting processes.

The solution required innovative business process thinking along with an eye towards cutting edge technology integration with Mobile devices and GIS and location data. These suite of tools delivered by Cayzen to Ecology enables its environmental inspectors and knowledge workers to leverage integrated data and user experience in a unique and productive way. This solution has won innovation awards from the agency leadership and EPA for user satisfaction and customer value.

Cayzen and Ecology are helping the environment one cleanup site at a time by simplifying the tracking and management of these environmental projects. These business objectives were achieved using Microsoft and ESRI technologies along with HTML 5 and mobile application development.