Business Process Automation

Cayzen builds future-proof business process applications fast and within budget. Using the K2 platform, we re-use the inherent components of an application to build other applications. As opposed to the costly and long cycles of coding custom software, in K2's low-code application development environment, we configure functions through a visual, drag-and-drop process.

By avoiding coding from scratch, we minimize the effort to build, test, deploy, and overhaul the applications. Moreover, we configure these applications to work on any mobile device for accessing on the go.


Return on Investment

Once an organization is up and running on the K2 platform, there is significant return on their investment as a result of the low-code environment. Maintenance is easier too because all applications are on one platform, making it simple to identify process errors and resolve them easily.

The centralized and intuitive user interface allows administrators to configure and manage all K2-based applications across the enterprise. All the workflows, methods, user rights, security, roles, work lists, authorization settings, and more can be controlled from a single access point.


Cayzen and the K2 Investigation Framework are committed to ease of use in all aspects of the end-user’s interaction. The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer. The goal is simplicity and a user experience that goes beyond giving customers the checklist features. To enhance user experience, our solution enables the following:

  • Using online forms, collaboration with teams and automating internal processes from one central location rather than signing into different systems.
  • Collection of online signatures for all processes.
  • Easy collection of documents, files, photos and more to utilize as part of a larger workflow or process.
  • Entering information into forms even when offline. As soon as there is connectivity, the data automatically syncs with backend systems.
  • Organization of forms into folders and setting permissions for who has access to what information, and who has editing authority over each form.

Integration with other technologies

The applications Cayzen builds integrate seamlessly with legacy systems as well as leading industry solutions. The applications also leverage emerging technologies such as IoT and machine learning.

Today, an increasing number of organizations are adopting SharePoint technology. We develop streamlined, digitized workflow applications, forms, and data integrations in SharePoint that are scalable, intuitive, user-friendly, flexible, and governable. These can span SharePoint sites and versions — on premises or in the cloud.


Cayzen and the K2 Investigation Framework are committed to comprehensive data integration and address the following:

  • Joining disparate line-of-business (LOB) systems.
  • Visually designing forms that bringing together information from multiple LOB systems across the enterprise.
  • Creating workflows that involve the right users at the right time by spanning disparate LOB systems.
  • Modernizing legacy platforms without expensive customizations.
  • Joining cloud-based and on-premises data into a single solution.
  • Cayzen can also migrate all investigations currently in old system to an agreed upon level of access within the new, robust solution.
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